Our meeting with the ARC of New Mexico

Andrew and Lisa had the pleasure of meeting with Randy Costales and Doris Husted of the ARC of New Mexico. Doris is a former Joseph P. Kennedy Fellow and is currently the Policy Director for the ARC. Randy came to work for the ARC in the guardianship program during the Jackson Lawsuit  (http://www.jacksoncommunityreview.org). He now serves the organization as the Executive Director. We look forward to the possibility of working closely with the ARC on this project.


John Foley

Andrew and I had the privilege of meeting with John Foley today. John came to New Mexico in 1988 to serve as the Executive Director for the Arc of New Mexico. He continues to be an active and integral member of the New Mexico disability advocacy movement. He has agreed to serve as our ambassador as we seek to gain recognition and support from the disability community.