Town Hall Tomorrow!

This is a reminder that all the great minds in the New Mexico disability movement will be at the Southwest Conference on Disability tomorrow, October 8, at 11:30 pm in the Potter Room at Hotel Albuquerque. Please join us to construct a timeline of various disability events! You can view the flyer by clicking:  Townhall NM Disability Flyer


What we learned at the National Museum of American History

Katherine Ott, PhD, National Museum of American History

Katherine Ott, PhD, National Museum of American History

We had the pleasure of taking a tour with Katherine Ott, Phd, at the National Museum of American History this week. Although the collection did not contain much directly linked to New Mexico, it was a very interesting and helpful tour.  We did learn that the bronze, scaled sculpture replicating the polio virus was cast at the foundry in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Bronze, scaled replica of polio

Another thing we learned was that we were probably not correct when we reported earlier that New Mexico signed the very first White Cane Law in the country. It turns out that White Cane Laws date back to the 20’s and 30’s. I am not sure where our source got their information from but we are committed to deepening our research to find the truth. The trickiest part about collection history through oral histories is that facts are often experiential and require triangulation to find the closest to accurate information. In the digital age, and the rush to get new information out and keep readers engaged, sometimes we will provide inaccurate-though hopefully never dangerously inaccurate-information! Our commitment is to correct information as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience and support!