We have been busy!

We are so sorry that we have taken a break from keeping you up to date on our activities. We have some big news to share. First, The Arc of New Mexico has agreed to partner with The New Mexico Disability Story! This will be a great venture for both parties.

We also had the chance to meet up with the Director for the Futures of Disability Studies center at Columbia, Rachel Adams. She is a powerful advocate, parent, and a talented author. We look forward to corresponding with her as we begin to write the documentary book. We were unable to connect with Oral Historian, Nicki Berger but are looking forward to talking with her soon. She completed her Master’s in Oral History at Columbia and her thesis was involved oral histories from adults with Down Syndrome. We hope to involve her in the collection of the oral histories for this project.We had the pleasure of seeing the modern, national disability movement at the MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in NYC:

accessibility icon project

accessibility icon project


Finally, we met up with Joan Leon in Washington, DC who was a member of the legendary Berkley Center for Independent Living. She worked closely with Ed Roberts and set the stage for some of the great successes of the 1960’s and 1970’s for disability rights. She directed us to a similar project that was done for the Berkley movement: thttp://bancroft.berkeley.edu/collections/drilm/collection/items/leon.html

It is great to see how other states and cities have approached the challenge of collecting and documenting their disability movements. It gives us so many ideas about what we would like to accomplish.

Later this week: Our meeting with Jim Parker!


Guy Surdi and Jim Parker


We had the pleasure of talking briefly to Guy Surdi and Jim Parker from the Governor’s Commission on Disability (http://www.gcd.state.nm.us). Jim is know nationally as a powerhouse in advocacy for people with disability. He has been working on a similar project as the NM Disability Story and is interested in sharing his work and consolidating with the work we will be doing. Guy Surdi has made it clear that he is a fan of this project and as a person that works on the disability waivers and longterm services in the state he believes that it is time for New Mexico to document what has been done in the hopes of continuing to move forward. 

We would like to thank these gentlemen for their willingness to work with us and their enthusiasm!